Brenda Stumpf


Known for her abstract, intricate and complex use of nontraditional materials, Stumpf’s work is pervaded with mythic and historic figures, sacred texts and alchemy. Steeped with both intensely personal and archetypal associations, her work fundamentally deals with the process of transmutation.


Her work has been included twice in both The International Assemblage Artist Exhibition in Berlin, Germany, and The Midyear Exhibition at The Butler Institute of American Art. Jerry Saltz, art critic for New York Magazine, juried her sculpture in the group exhibition Taboo at Studio Montclair. In 2009 her work was selected for the Colorado Art Open juried by Christoph Heinrich, director of the Denver Art Museum, and Michael Chavez, the former curator of the Foothills Art Center.

Stumpf’s work resides in public collections which include St. Vincent Charity Hospital, Trinity Cathedral, The Ellet Library and Eastern New Mexico University, as well as in over 250 private collections. The artist resides in Pittsburgh, PA.