Frederik Næblerød


Born in 1988.
Taken to the Royal Akademy of Fine Arts, 2012, and is on the 4th year now. Got his Bachelor's last year, going for the Master's now. PHD.

Artist Statement

My way to paint and draw on has come to me naturally. I have always expressed myself in pictures. I have previously painted much graffiti, and has for many years worked a lot with colors and large shapes.

The way I am as a person, infecting much of my work and my motives in the works. I am very impulse driven and intuitive. It is not far from thought to action when producing a work. My energy level is high and it is expressed through my production and my way of working.
The inspiration is constant and comes from more or less fleeting impressions of people and situations. Impressions are often distorted and amplified in a grotesque form in my work. I also inspired during the process and do not always know how a piece I'm working on ends up looking like.

My line, motives, and the naive feature creates a space for me, which I in a crooked and different universe both, can entertain and press the discomfort similarities and taboos at once.

I often work in series with very different themes. For example, fish smoking, wolf masks, witches, addicts, etc.. At the moment I am working with "Still Life". I want to challenge the classical approach and understanding of this genre, and I am working among others with heavy drainage from the subject.

Art is my expression, and I'm working to get my expression and my message out so that the viewer switches work with their own experiences and thus get his own personal view of the work.


Februar 2012: ”belive til hype” Galleri Wolfsen, Ålborg

Sommer 2012: ”storytellers” Galleri Wolfsen, Ålborg

September 2012: ”Art Copenhagen” København

Januar 2013: ”Art Herning” Herning

Forår 2013: Kunstnernes

The spring exhibition , Marts 2013: Charlottenborg København

September 2013: ”Art Copenhagen”, København

September 2013: Soloudstilling ”ego”, Galleri Hegnhøj/Blyme, Københav

Oktober 2013: ”The Other Art Fair”, London

November 2013: “room art fair”, Alejandro Gallery, Madrid

Marts 2014. Solo, “Eurotrash” Gallery Alejandro, Barcelona

August 2014: Soloudstilling Luzern, Schweiz Gallery m35

September 2014: ”Art Copenhagen”, København

November 2014: Soloudstilling ”Næblerød & Næblerød” Bredgade Kunsthandel

Juni 2015. Art Busan, Art Fair. Gallery Alejandro, Korea

August 2015: Gallery Magnus Wingstrøm, Group exhibition, Göteborg, Sweden

Marts 2016: SOLO, Gallery Ritmo, Sicily, Italy.

Marts 2016: The spring exhibition Charlottenborg København