I wanted to like this place but...

Eric Corrigan and Paula Garcia

Eric Corrigan - I wanted to like this place but...JPG

Lane Meyer Projects is pleased to announce I Wanted To Like This Place But... featuring artworks by Eric Corrigan and Paula Garcia

August 26, 2017 - September 6, 2017

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 26th, 6-8pm

I don't get it, but then again, I'm not a hipster.

All we were looking for was an apology, don't go here.

I'd rather watch a man bun grow than wait for a drink here.

our waitress was clearly high last time we went as you could smell weed on her.

When I asked for a water, the bartender said: "there's a word..." and demanded I said please.

Great ambiance - overpriced drinks - crappy service - bunch of thieves who lack ethics.

If there was ever an atmosphere that made you think "I'll probably get murdered here," this is it.

Kevin was not attentive and very rude. I will not be back.

Bartenders are drinking. Asking for pot from bar guests.

the bartender had 4 people waiting for drinks and he was spending a lot of time on his phone reading texts. Why?

If hipsters have to work, this is where they get a job.

I could tell my bartender was baked.

If you would like to make this place better, please hire me or consult with me

Is this where American Apparel models go to die?

We were greeted awhile after sitting down with a guy who said "uhh... do you want waters or something?

Imagine being stuck on splash  mountain with weird animals and hippies serving you nasty overpriced drinksBartender told me not to speak to him until spoken to

angry hipster who wears tapered leg jeans or is covered in tattoos

You get one star...and only because I have to

this is an excellent establishment so long as you pack your own sandwich and perhaps a six-pack of beer.

we slowly realized this EXTREMELY inebriated young man (also in flannel) was our waiter

the good looking staff can be a bit glossy eyed sometimes

First of all, it's an absolute pile of shit

Great patio, AWEFUL bartenders

perhaps we weren't up to his hipster standards, or he's angry at his Dad

he said - in a nasally, exasperated voice - "we don't do specials here"

You literally feel like you're on one of those hidden camera shows and they are testing your patience.

I've been in before and dealt with wretched service before. Shame on me for not being smarter.

Teach your bartenders to make a proper drink before focusing on how "Artistic" your fun House looks.

In an economy like this can't they hire better staff?

Artist Statement
"I am a commentator - a filter of things that interest me. I am fascinated by desires, fears, hopes, winning, losing, the high, the low, insatiable appetites, celebrity and the fall of great and no so great ideas. My work is the elephant in the room - the sarcastic mother, the pessimistic father, the alcoholic uncle, the x-mas tree, scratch tickets, texting and trending. I explore the never ending idea of winning in the human condition. I am especially drawn to the hopes, dreams and fantasies interwoven in their downfalls."