Rick C Riggans


Lane Meyer Projects is pleased Mixed Nuts, a solo show featuring artworks by Rick C Riggans

August 24, 2018 - September 30, 2018

Opening Reception: Friday August 24th, 6 - 9pm

Rick C. Riggans grew up in Worcester, MA. near the Rawlings shoe manufacturing plant. The name remains but all their shoes have since been outsourced to other parts of the world. The smell of new shoes still remains fresh in his all factory system and was an inspiration for his first serious paintings.  He attributes the association of that particular smell of new shoes to the inspiration behind the 2002 series - “The Idea of Winning”.

He moved to Elgin, Indiana in the late 80’s after dropping out of Mass. College of Art and landed a job at the Coachman Motorhome plant for little over a year installing captain swivel chairs in the Admiral Coaches. He loved the sunsets there- purple, oranges, greens, reds…. they seemed on fire and beautiful. These chemical sunsets really made an impact in his early to mid-career work.

Subsequently, he met fellow artist Dirk DuMarr who was from Marblehead, MA. Also an art school dropout, at the plant during this time, they created an artistic bond that has lasted to this day. They decided to move to Yonkers, NY in 1992 and connected with the gritty industrial scene there while leasing a warehouse with 20,000 sq/ft of studio space, which spawned works dealing with the dreams, money, and the songs of Billy Joel among other projects.